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Aviva Rozmaryn 
Graphic Designer | Artist | Burger Enthusiast
Since my work speaks for itself, what I really want to address is my love for burgers. As an avid burger lover, I am persistent and dedicated to finding the perfect burger. My search for a great burger goes beyond my local reach and I will not settle for a subpar dry beef patty. The same persistence and determination I put forth towards this delicious meat snack is apparent in my work ethic. I ensure that the quality of my work is maintained with the needs of my clients. I am result oriented and therefore will push myself until my client or employer is satisfied. Aside from the lengths I'll go to get a delicious burger, it is important to address my ideal. The perfect burger needs to have juice oozing through with every bite. It needs to possess a sophisticated flavor profile while still maintaining its integrity and balance of textures. This ability to meticulously evaluate and construct the perfect burger has come to use in my design process. I pay attention to detail and exceed the expectations of my employers and clients. My designer instincts allow me to hone in on the integral aesthetic qualities that make my mouth water. 
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